Welcome to my blog. It has been a while in the making. After hearing  friends, family members and patients telling me to blog, I have finally taken the plunge. As you will see, I have an opinion on just about anything and everything. However, my goal with this blog is for it to be a place where you can come and get credible information about health and the environment. I am a research junkie and a night owl. I will always have some research to support my point of view. There is a staggering amount of information available on the internet, the news and conversations that occur between people. It can be very overwhelming to sort through all the information and separate what is fact from fiction.

I have always cared about my health and my environment however becoming a mother brought it to a very different visceral level. Every decision I make is not simply about me anymore. There are innocent people relying on me to help them grow into healthy, independent, thriving individuals. Life really should be about each and every man, woman and child thriving on a daily basis not merely surviving.

A little about me

I (Dr. Ibby Omole) B.Sc, MES, L.Ac, ND am a primary care physician located in Vancouver BC. I received my naturopathic medical degree and master in acupuncture from Bastyr University. I also hold a Master’s degree in Environmental studies from York University. I am a faculty member at Boucher Institute for Naturopathic Medicine in New Westminster BC.  Currently, I  am an active member of the Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) and British Columbia Naturopathic Association (BCNA). As a physician who utilizes naturopathic and Chinese medical modalities, I accept patients across the age spectrum from pediatrics to geriatric. My clinical area of focus is in urological conditions and botanical medicine and I have trained extensively with urologists in Seattle WA. I also have special interests in maternal health, pediatrics and pain management.

Contact Me

I maintain a practice within Coco Chiropractic Wellness in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. My practice like my blog is evidence based combining ancient wisdom/knowledge with modern science.

I can be reached at driomole@gmail.com if you have more specific questions about my practice or me. If you have a general comment, please post it at the end of my blog so others can benefit. Of course you are more than welcome to send me an email if you want more privacy.


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